Manna Food Project Staff

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Carrie Klingelsmith, Executive Director
Start Date: November 2021

Carrie and her husband, Kendall, live in Petoskey with their two sons and two dogs. Carrie has a bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University in Recreation, Parks and Leisure Service Administration. She has a background in program development, fundraising, grant writing, event planning and execution, and community engagement.

Before joining Manna Food Project, Carrie worked in the public and private sector. She worked as a Parks and Recreation Director as well as a Planning Professional.

Carrie has a passion for enhancing the quality of life for all people. “I look forward to serving the community and making a positive impact for the people of Northern Michigan.”

Katlyn Hansen, Business Manager
Start Date: October 2022

Katlyn and her husband, Billy, live in Petoskey with their two children and two dogs. Katlyn has a bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University in Public Health and Nutrition. Katlyn’s background is in higher education, event planning, program development, community outreach and bookkeeping.

Katlyn worked previously at Manna and most recently at North Central Michigan College.

“I am extremely excited to be back at Manna. I’m blessed to have this opportunity, to serve our community and help those in need.”

Matthew Flickema, Volunteer & Backpack Coordinator
Start Date: July 2021

Matthew is a 20 plus year resident of Petoskey Michigan. Matthew has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Michigan State University focusing on local government and nonprofit management. Before joining Manna, he started his career as an administrative staffer in Government Relations, followed by working as an executive for the Boy Scouts of America.

Matthew resides in the Walloon Lake area near family. He is a proud uncle of triplets. His hobbies include winter activities, hiking, camping, and enjoying Northern Michigan summers.

“I find immense joy in participating with Manna’s volunteers. Working with mission oriented people moving towards a common goal is exciting.”

Eric Foster, Warehouse Manager
Start Date: October 2018

Eric Foster worked in shipping and receiving with Mitchell Graphics for 13 years before coming to Manna. Eric likes to hunt, fish, and maintain his hobby farm with his wife, Amanda, and three kids.

He takes pride in working directly with our volunteers. “I love talking to them and learning their stories. We see so many people who have amazing histories and just want to give back. I’m so glad to be a part of it.”

Collin Hart, Operations Coordinator
Start Date: January 2023

Collin Hart comes to Manna after a successful career in inventory and operational management at local organizations in Northern Michigan.

Collin takes pride in his cooking ability and is Manna’s go to person for new recipes.

Matthew McGuiness, Manna Pantry & Warehouse Coordinator
Start Date: March 2020

Matt is a Petoskey native, growing up with three brothers near Pickerel Lake where he and his wife, Jessica, are raising four children – two boys and two girls.

Matt has many talents – from carpentry to tree trimming to machine mechanics. He loves the outdoors and spends summer evenings and weekends on the family pontoon boat. Matt also hunts and has donated venison each year to Manna through the Petoskey Sunrise Rotary “Venison for Manna” annual fundraiser.

“I know how important Manna is in this community,” Matt said. “Not just to the people in need, but to all the families who come in to volunteer. I’m excited to work with such great people.”

Cherell Granger, Development & Communications Coordinator
Start Date: July 2023

A Michigan native, Cherell earned her bachelor’s degree from Northwood University in Marketing. Her background is in event planning and execution, marketing communications and management.

Cherell spends most of her free time with family, has a love of all animals, and enjoys walks in nature, especially along Northern Michigan’s many lakes and rivers. She is very excited to join such a wonderful organization and looks forward to making a positive impact in the community.